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Posted this adorable honey on Patreon on December 28, 2015 - over a year and a half ago - and I've posted a whole lot of content since then! Come join up on Patreon for $1 to $3 a month!

Daniel, fresh from his highly-acclaimed debut in the crossdressing production of "Tootsie," empathized with his best friend and roommate, Jan, when she fell head-over-heels in love with new co-worker Adrian. But Adrian's manly football buddy Jack was in town and Jan was forced to arrange a double-date in order to go out with him. When Jan's girlfriend broke her toe 90 minutes before the double-date, she pleaded and pleaded with Daniel to use his "Tootsie" skills to step in as an urgently-needed replacement. It was all supposed to be very innocent when he agreed, but Daniel inadvertently played his part so convincingly, that he gave chauvinistic Jack other amorous ideas that left him no options other than to make sure Jack remained happy!
Posted this cutie-pie on December 27th, 2015 on Patreon and I've posted a whole lot of content since then! For $1 or $2 or $3 a month, you can see all that content! Join me, won't you?

A little fun with the Joe Six-Pack cover styles for his ongoing series of transformational stories!  Seems like a lot of fans just adore helpless guys being confronted by their own inevitable feminized future! So this image is a mock-up cover for a non-existent story, but my illustrating services are available for hire, so who knows? Maybe a Maid for Pleasure story will emerge when you least expect it! Until then, imagine our hero's alarm when he has to becomes his slutty sister's "Maid for Pleasure!"
Dolled up dudes as delicious damsels in distress on Patreon! The art and stories and fantasies you adore!
You haven't seen my flirty, sexy crossdressing images over the last year if you're not on Patreon. Costs only $1 or $2 per image or $3 for more adult content. I upload about 5 images each month! Plus you get to see every image I've uploaded since I joined! Also popular racy crossdressing short-stories for free!
Submitted almost a year ago on December 10th, 2015. See what you missed by not being a member of my Patreon page?

(You know if you join, you'll have immediate access to lots and lots of additional images I have done since I joined!!

For cheating on her, Trisha set up her skinny boyfriend, Ryan, by using sex to persuade him to get all dolled up for a costume party that never existed. Earlier she had posed as a representative from a local biker club's favorite escort service and offered them a free blowjob girl named Rhianna as an expression of their gratitude for their continuing patronage. She explained how much Rhianna enjoyed being tied helplessly to a chair and being filmed so the bikers could post it on their porn site. As Trisha dropped Ryan off, she told him to sit in the foyer and wait for her while she parked. Ryan immediately knew he was in trouble upon seeing all the burly, hairy bikers and no costumes, but Trisha was long gone!


Kwon Lee Tran
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
For commission, email me at:
Current Residence: Santa Ana
Hi, dolls! James Craft's latest release through Joe Sixpack's Sick Puppy Press, One Year in Tokyo (which I had so much delightful fun illustrating) appears to be selling well which is awesome! Yay, team! :giggle: In my spare time (what's that?) I've been rendering some special deluxe tv/cd crossdressing illustrations that you actually can't check out on DA. I uploaded 10 of them onto a new site I heard about called Gumroad!

They comprise the first volume of a new series of images I intend to upload from time to time called:
Kwon Lee Tran's Formations! Vol. 1

Link is here if you want to check the site out!

The theme for this one is entitled:
Crossdressed and Cornered!

The intro reads:
"Oh my goodness! There's nothing quite like adult males getting misled, tricked and coerced into becoming passable pinups and gorgeous girly girls! And what happens when they unintentionally arouse muscular men (who would annihilate them if they were to discover their delicate deception)? Why those jiggly gents become damsels in distress, the prettiest of prey, all cross-dressed and cornered! Artiste Kwon Lee Tran shares 10 unique never-before-published images of various cute and confused, surprised and stuck, bombshell-bound, costumed cuties - cross-dressed and cornered for your own reflection, and all with spicy captions or titles!"

Kwon Lee Tran's Formations! Vol. 1 by tranart


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